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Skills & Learning Events

Skills & Training

Open Gyms 

@the Courthouse Athletic Center

8895 Byron Commerce Dr SW, Byron Center


May 18-June 15, 2023


10am - 12pm


June 22 & 29 6-8pm

 for beginner to advanced players looking to get some touches in before fall. players will be split into beginner and intermediate. please register so we know how many to expect.

Fall Try-Outs

JV & Varsity

July 10-11 10am-12pm


12U & 14U 

Evaluations for team placement

July 28 10am-12pm 


For players looking to play on a fall team  


@the Courthouse Athletic Center

8895 Byron Commerce Dr SW, Byron Center

Boys Teams

High School

Team info coming soon!

Middle School

If interested please contact us


Would like to run a light fall boys team to play

a few games & tournaments vs other homeschool teams, then run a full club team in the spring to compete vs other boys teams



@the Courthouse Athletic Center

8895 Byron Commerce Dr SW, Byron Center

Liberty Skills Camp


July 24 & 26 


JV & Varsity Girls 

14U & 12U Girls

High School Boys


For all current players on JV/Varsity Teams

and those looking to play 12U/14U

@the Courthouse Athletic Center

8895 Byron Commerce Dr SW, Byron Center

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private Lesson

Boys & Girls Volleyball

Our hitting trainer will teach you from the very basic steps through hitting shoots and slides. Be prepared to have your arm swing and approach tweaked to enhance your performance. Come ready to work hard and be open minded as you learn new things. You can partner with a teammate for this, but no more than 2 per session. Multiple sessions will increase your skill. If you plan to only do one session please let your trainer know so they can work more into the hour. Can be paired with a setting session for specialty hit training. Inquire more about paring sessions.


$20  per hour
$20  per hour

Our defensive specialists have a thorough knowledge of all things passing. They have played and coached either the libero position or defensive specialist and can teach form, arm positions and footwork to have you reaching every inch of that back row. Come prepared to break a heavy sweat. The defensive back row is not shy to working hard to get a touch on every ball hit their way.  You can partner with a teammate for this, but no more than 2 per session. The libero is the unofficial quarterback of the volleyball team. You will need to work hard on agility while passing to near perfection at all sorts of angles.

Passing - DS/Libero

Whether you're a beginner looking for underhand help, intermediate looking for overhand tweaking or advanced looking to perfect that jump serve we've got you covered. Our trainer will work with you on your approach, toss, jump and follow-through. Be prepared to learn new techniques and possibly even change your entire approach and arm swing. The key to a killer serve is to do it right, meaning over time you won't be throwing your shoulder out. You can partner with teammates for this, but no more than 4 per session. Multi-player rate is $10 per player per hour.

$15  per hour


$20  per hour

Our setting specialist will work with you on basic setting, back setting, distance setting and specialty setting. (ie. red, blue, pipe, shoots, quicks and everything in between for our higher levels) If you are hoping to be your team setter this year or just wanting to increase your skill set plan for a few sessions for better results. Our trainer will work with you on all sorts of net plays as the setter needs to know when to dink, dump, and dig out from the net as well. This session is not recommended for more than one player at a time unless pairing with a Hitting session. Inquire more about pairing sessions.

Setting/Net Play

Adult Open Gyms & Tournaments

Adult Open Gyms
Adult co-ed (2).jpg

Our adult open gyms are ran to support Liberty Homeschool Vollyeball. It is a highly competitive group that we equally split between 8 teams on 4 courts. We play 3 rounds with that team then circle up to switch teams. We do this as many times as the 3 hours allows. All proceeds go to Liberty HSP after paying the gym rental fee. Donations are always welcome. This year we'll do a signup so we don't have to turn anyone away. We cap at 54 players. 18 years old unless there is room to fill on a date we'll accept a few 16 and up.

July 18
July 25
August 1
August 8
August 15
August 22
August 29
September 5
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September 19
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October 3
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